“Spatial Talks” webinar series is unique in its format, where the focus is more on sharing of experience and learning with real world stories in successful adoption and implementation of geospatial technology and its usage. The webinar series is aimed at creating an engaging dialogue between all the stakeholders of geospatial community that includes policy makers, users, technology providers, scientists, researchers, academia, start-ups, professionals, and students.

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Geospatial & Blockchain

Today Blockchain technology has come to the public’s attention through the development of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Blockchain technology, however, has other applications as well, where simultaneous change and sharing of

Geospatial Mobility & Transportation

Mobility is intrinsic to our development paths and processes and we humans have been adding tools and techniques to enhance our mobility experience Right from when we first invented wheel to the current day smart mobility solutions the

Geospatial and Internet of Things

With sensors providing real time information on everything and anything, connecting the realms of man and the machines, adding geospatial information to it has opened up a new paradigm of applications. The sensors in buildings, devices and