Geospatial Mobility & Transportation

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Mobility is intrinsic to our development paths and processes and we humans have been adding tools and techniques to enhance our mobility experience Right from when we first invented wheel to the current day smart mobility solutions the mode of going from one place to another has evolved immensely With integration of various modes of transportation as well as the infrastructure supporting these making travel safe, clean, time saving and efficient is where Smart Mobility has its applications.

Spatial Talks next session on Geospatial Mobility Transportation explores how Geospatial is one of the key pillars of Smart Mobility and Transportation and in our session on Geospatial Mobility and Transportation we will deliberate on the latest advancement on GeoSmart Mobility Solutions for different transportation means With IoT, sensors, location and geospatial technologies blended with each other, autonomous vehicles along with electrification, and ridesharing is leading to the next big revolution in the field of mobility

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