WGC-Who We Are

“Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay.” It is this harmony and balance that rules the roost in the cosmos and keeping this in mind it was realised that the same need to be experienced and built in the way we all approach our life space and techspace. The digital transformation that is driving innovation and disruptions in techspace is already making headways while blurring the boundaries between the digital (virtual) and physical world. This is leading to unprecedented changes impacting the day-to-day life. The rapid changes that are happening at such a fast speed need to be regularly tracked and kept in pace with and for that geospatial information (GI) needs to be driving this digital (virtual) uprising.

Women Geospatial Coterie (WGC) has been conceived by experienced geospatial professionals Dr. Yogita Shukla and Ms. Swati Grover as a small step towards building harmony between the physical, digital and quantum with Geospatial as the seminal strength. Incorporated on 8th December 2017, WGC is a not-for-profit trust that aims to foster the adoption of geospatial technologies by strengthening the user organisations in technology usage and assimilation. The focus of this Coterie is therefore to create a common platform through an online portal as well as through a blog to get together the ideas, the experiences, the apprehensions, the challenges and then build the network of user organisations in Geospatial domain. While building this network in the Geospatial, Surveying and Mapping Community, WGC also aims in promoting the technology to the masses through exclusive trainings, research studies, workshops, conferences etc., in the realms of geospatial, surveying and mapping, energy, environment, and sustainable development etc.

Our Offerings

WGC offers to be a one-stop knowledge and information resource platform pertaining to Geospatial Information (GI). Our online portal, blog and e-journal Spatial Talks are the building blocks for the same.

With our tag line – Nurturing Talent and Igniting Passion, WGC is aiming towards building an ecosystem for developing vibrant resources for geospatial, environment and sustainable development sectors through various capacity building activities such as custom-made training programs, policy research, technology research, market research, workshops and conferences.

Training Programs : WGC offers training program in open source geospatial software and tools such as QGIS, R-Software, customised modules in QGIS catering to specific user organisations in rural development, watershed management, property taxation, urban planning and management etc. We also offer training in Geospatial Project Management and Drones. The training modules are generally 5 days modules, but can be customised based on end user requirements.

Policy and Technology Research : WGC offers specialised research in Geospatial Project Management, Requirement Analysis, Implementation Process Development, Strategic Guidance, Policy Advocacy, Advisory. Research for Development of New Product and Solutions.

Market Research : Market understanding is one of the key ingredients contributing towards development of any sector including geospatial. WGC being a one stop knowledge and information resource on geospatial provides market insights and specific research reports and modules on technology trends, user adoption rate, emerging technologies etc.

Workshops : Workshops are effective means of knowledge and information dissemination. WGC offers conducting focused user specific 2-3 workshops on geospatial and sustainable development technologies.

Conferences and Talks: Conferences caters to promotion and propagation of knowledge and information to a wider diaspora. WGC provides knowledge consultancy as well as co-organises conferences and domain specific talks.