Spatial Talks

Harmony and Diversity are two words that fuels the growth of any sector. Continuing with our agenda of building harmony and diversity in geospatial sector and society by large we are bringing our webinar series “Spatial Talks” on varied dimensions of geospatial from technology to user needs to diversity and inclusion. Spatial Talks is meant to create an engaging dialogue between all the stakeholders of the geospatial community and the focus is more on interaction and exchange of experience leading to a collective dialogue among all the participants.


Mobility &

Geospatial Tech
for Future Ready
Livable Cities

Internet of Things 

Ecological Diversity
and Food Security :
Geospatial Way

Geospatial Big Data and AI: Ushering Global Transformation

Geospatial Fundamentals: Earth Observation and Space Technology

Geospatial Tech: Building Resilience in Climate Uncertain Future

Wo-Men in Geospatial
Sciences : Opportunities & Challenges