Geospatial and Internet of Things

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With sensors providing real time information on everything and anything, connecting the realms of man and the machines, adding geospatial information to it has opened up a new paradigm of applications. The sensors in buildings, devices and individuals collecting real time information with location and spatial inputs can enable responses to events in real-time and their coordination with first responders in case of any public safety and emergency situations.  

Not only these sensors can gather information on the air, water, soil quality, traffic flow, heat, temperature, humidity and all kind of information at the system level but it can also manage and monitor health and other functions at individual level. Integration of sensors providing a plethora of  information coupled with the ‘WHERE’ is a combination unparalleled. Geospatial combined with IoT can be used to track the quality of environment to proper waste disposal to identify inefficiencies in the system including bottlenecks in the networks.

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