Ecological Diversity & Food Security:The Geospatial Way

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Ecological diversity significantly influences agroecology and add to the nutrition quotient of our diets. It’s significance in today’s time has been reiterated as much as it was important in our evolution and history and also in our future.

As we witness the challenges our farmers are facing today, our topic for the next Spatial Talks on Ecological Diversity and Food Security: The Geospatial Way will delve how we can use the spatial information available through time series and provide valuable inputs to our farmers. The session will also focus on how the ecological diversity in agroecosystems can be built through use of technology empowering the farmers with the knowledge and understanding of agroecology resulting in ecologically sustainable and economically viable farming.

Listen to eminent experts on how geospatial technologies contribute to our knowledge and understanding and prepare us to sail through the uncertainties of current times and foster a sustainable, ecologically diverse and food secure future.

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