Geospatial & Blockchain

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Today Blockchain technology has come to the public’s attention through the development of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Blockchain technology, however, has other applications as well, where simultaneous change and sharing of information can update a block of data using a cryptographic security environment.

It is an open and distributed design that allows real-time and simultaneous transactions. Geospatially-enabled blockchain solutions exist today that are being used as a crypto-spatial coordinate system to add an immutable spatial context that regular blockchains lack.

These geospatial blockchains do not just record an entry’s specific time, but also incorporate and validate its associated proof of location, allowing accurate spatiotemporal mapping of physical world events. This Spatial Talk series will deliberate on Geospatial and Blockchain and how both together provide unmatched geospatial applications involving data and activities that is sensitive or a public good, to deliver autonomous devices and smart applications.

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