Digital Twin or Geotwin!

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Digital is ‘Here’ but for ‘Where. The fourth industrial revolution as it is at the door steps of human civilisation and is going to disrupt the status quo. The convergence of divergent technologies is giving rise to transformative platforms that have made plethora of options available for enriched life experiences. All across the globe, from east to west, as the lines are obscuring between the physical and real world, a new realm of communication is emerging where machines are not just interacting with humans and but also with each other.

From automated vehicles to digital grocery shopping, augmented reality to virtual positioning system, everything seems to be a seamless experience of connected systems. Be it in the name of smart cities or better healthcare, or green environment, or smart education, applications of digital are now human lives. The next generation technologies such as cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, robotics, automation, deep learning, virtual reality to augmented reality has catapulted the human innovation and imagination to the next big leap of connected and responsive systems.

Digital Twin touted as one of the top 10 strategic trend by Gartner Inc in 2017, represents the convergence of the physical and virtual world wherein each and every thing will have a dynamic digital replica.

With its unique capability to integrate both the spatial and non-spatial connecting the physical with the virtual, geospatial is going to lead this digital revolution. The real-world scenarios that are built through geospatial are going to steer us towards a seamlessly connected real-virtual world.

The transformation of Singapore that is making digital twin happen has geospatial at the centre of its technology strategy.

So, the question to ponder…. Is, it just Digital Twin or Digital Geotwin….

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