Earth & Space

As we explore the boundless dimensions that transcends from Earth to Space, a never-ending imagination sets on a timeless journey that is translated into technological innovations and applications guiding the future course of humanity. This section delves into the endless possibilities that are happening and will happen at the convergence of earth, space, technology and innovation.

Geospatial Information

Geospatial Information (GI) provides the spatial extent, geometry and description of the features beneath, on or above the earth ‘s surface with their precise location. GI is captured and processed through a wide range of tools and techniques that includes remote sensing, surveying, geographic information systems (GIS), photogrammetry and global navigation satellite system (GNSS) are used to capture geospatial information. These are used either standalone or in combination to find the accurate position, to map and/or analyse different features of the earth’s surface.

Digital and Cyber

The digital transformation that is driving innovation and disruptions in technology space is already making headways while bridging the gap between the digital and physical world. The rapid changes that are happening at such a fast speed need to be regularly tracked and kept pace with and that spatial information is at the core of this digital uprising.

Measuring Earth

In their bid to explore and find new areas, mankind has been measuring the surface of earth since time immemorial. Surveying and Mapping is among the oldest vocations and what started as a crude method of measuring with the help of hands, chain and tape, has now translated into cutting edge technologies to capture the spatial dimensions of the earth surface. From GNSS based total station to Satellite Imaging, Aerial Photography, UAV Photography, RADAR, LiDAR, measuring earth has gained new dimensions.

Policy Matters

With location and spatial context emerging as the key driver to enable effective decision making for government, businesses, civil society organisations as well as citizens. It is therefore now imperative that geospatial information become an integral component of the large scale nation-wide programs and embedded to the core of such critical mission mode projects. In order to achieve this seamless embedment, a comprehensive National Geospatial Policy is pre-requisite that talks about the digital topographic and other thematic maps prepared by National Mapping Organisations (NMOs), remote sensing data, aerial data acquisition, data sharing mechanisms among different map providing agencies and availability of geospatial data on demand.


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